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In our country, there are 89 subjects, 48 of which are regions, 24 are republics, 9 are territories, 3 are cities of federal significance, 4 are autonomous districts, and 1 is an autonomous region. There are approximately 157,000 inhabited localities in the country. Russia borders 18 states worldwide (sixteen by land and two by sea)

Russian, considering the multinational nature of its population, is characterized by a high degree of ethnocultural diversity and the ability for intercultural dialogue. Russia's multinational culture is an integral part of world culture. According to UN estimates, Russia is one of the countries with the richest cultural heritage.
When you live in a country with such a rich cultural heritage, it's only natural to want to continue and pass on these traditions from generation to generation. Preserving traditions is the Spirit of a Country. It's the foundation that everything else stands on. Without traditions, history, and culture, there is no Whole - no country. Geographically, it may exist, but it becomes vulnerable to external forces and is easily destroyed.
What do we want to say with our film festival "TO BE! Russia"?
We want to show the diversity and strength of our country. We want to explore it, learn about it, and improve what may be necessary. We want to find and discover new names and talents among those who make movies!
We invite filmmakers from all over the world to our film festival. This is an international festival. The "BE! Russia" Film Festival is a festival of films about Russia, its history, and its role in the global space. It is a cross-cultural platform and a competition of works by filmmakers from all over the world who love and are interested in Russia.